How we met-

Right after college we both ended up working at the same brewery in Grand Rapids, MI. After many post-shift hangs, this work relationship turned into a solid friendship of tacos & boy bands. We talked a lot about the arts + media degrees we had and would daydream about being our own boss. Two years later, we made that daydream a reality and we decided to start a photo + video business together. We are explorers, we are curious, we love to learn, we love people, & we adore your stories. It would be our honor to help share those stories. Let's collaborate!


Co-owner / Photographer / Art Director

I knew from a young age how important photographs were. Every time I went to my grandparent's house I went straight to the bookshelf where they kept their stacks of photo albums. I would sit in my grandpa's chair and look at them for hours. I always tried to use our family cameras, even though I was clearly too young (which led to dropping the video camera in my sister’s birthday cake one year). Eventually my parent’s gave in and got me a Polaroid camera for my 8th birthday, completely unaware of how expensive film was & underestimating how quickly I can go through it. I was in high school when I made my first print from start to finish- it was of a drinking fountain at school. It was the coolest thing I had ever done or created (might still be, actually). This led me to pursue a degree in Studio Art & Photography at Michigan State- this time of my life was crucial for my survival. I had a toxic home life and had grown up with anxiety & depression and unaware of how to deal with it. My anxiety and photography walked hand-in-hand down many different avenues trying to make sense of one another. It always sounds *cheesy* when I say it, but photography was the only way for me to feel- feel my pain, my weirdness, my creativity, my loneliness, and my happiness.

This leads me to why I think we are supposed to work together. I know pain, but I also know so much joy in return. Whether it's your family, wedding, business that you're trusting me to capture, I will do it knowing how much it means to you. I want your photos to truly represent you, and who knows, you might learn something about yourself in the process.



Co-owner / Videographer / Project Manager

 I have been making videos since I was 15 years old. I started by putting together iMovie videos— slideshows of photos or goofy videos of me and my friends. In High-School I took Telecommunications classes where I learned about studio production and editing and in 2014 graduated from Grand Valley State University, majoring in broadcasting with an emphasis in studio production. I've always believed in telling stories through video. Going on service trips in college, we would go to places that had been affected by natural disasters and I would always bring my camera and put together a video that would cover what we did on the trip. I would interview people who were affected by the natural disaster to tell their stories, showing raw emotion to elicit a feeling. Video can be a powerful way to communicate with others. 

After college I worked as a production assistant at Wood TV 8. I learned so much while I was there about how a studio can be run but I realized that type of video work wasn’t what I wanted to do long-term. I wanted to capture raw material and tell the story as authentically as I could- I find that beautiful. After Wood TV 8 I got a job as a campaign specialist at Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I was freelancing video work at the time for Better Business Bureau, and Life EMS Ambulance as well as videotaping friends’ weddings. During that time I met Gretchen and we started to talk about our passion for photography and videography. From there we decided to take the leap and start McA Media (McA Photo and Video.)

Our job is to tell a story the way it's supposed to be told. That means capturing the raw true emotions. Showing what goes on behind the scenes of a business, capturing the tears and laughter at weddings, and showing the fun that occurs at local events. I love being able to capture the beauty that surrounds us and share it with others.

-Ali Mac


Kathryn + Jason

“I am so happy I had MCA Photo & Video as my wedding photographer and videographer. They have such an artsy, beautiful, whimsical, dreamy style to their work and it was a great fit for a perfect day. Beautiful, breathtaking work. They are both great to work with, amenable, friendly, and make you feel as if you have known them for years! Five stars!”

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